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The Style Council - Altered States

Source - Audience recording from Teatro Tenda, Rome, 22/10/1984

Format - 12" Double Black

Label - Generic White

Released - 1984

Side One

A1 Intro

A2 The Big Boss Groove

A3 My Everchanging Moods

A4 You're The Best Thing

A5 A Man Of Great Promise

Side Two

B1 It Just Came To Pieces In My Hand

B2 Mick's Up

B3 Long Hot Summer

B4 Shout To The Top

B5 Speak Like A Child

Side Three

C1 Nzuri Beat

C2 Le Depart

C3 The Paris Match

C4 The Whole Point Of No Return

C5 Me Ship Came In!

Side Four

D1 Money-Go-Round

D2 Headstart For Happiness

D3 Strenght Of Your Nature

D4 The Razors Edge

D5 One Nation Under The Groove



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