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The Jam - Young Man From Woking

Source - LP1 Radio Broadcast Hippodrome Golders Green 19/12/81

Source - LP2 Unknow Gig - Possibly Japan (poor quality)

Format - 12" Double Black & Translucent Marble

Label - Verzyl

Released 1982

Blacked edition came with a 7"

Theme From Woking (Circus)

Start (Extended - Start twice)

Side One

A1 The Gift

A2 Ghosts

A3 Absolute Beginners

A4 Tales From The Riverbank

A5 Precious

Side Two

B1 Town Called Malice

B2 In The Crowd

B3 Circus (Instrumental)

B4 Pretty Green

B5 Start!

B6 Boy About Town

Side Three

C1 Going Underground

C2 Mr. Clean

C3 Private Hell

C4 Dreams Of Children

Side Four

D1 Smithers Jones

D2 Little Boy Soldier

D3 I'm Different Now

D4 When You're Young



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