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THE JAM Ultra Rare LIVE Cassette 2

THE JAM LIVE Cassette:

Late summer 1976, recorded at Michael’s Club, Woking Dancing In The Street/So Sad About Us/Takin’ My Love/Cheque Book/In The City/ Time For Truth/ Sounds From The Street Although this has never surfaced among collectors, nor is it detailed in Rick’s scrapbook, The Jam were apparently captured on tape during one of their regular rehearsals at Michael’s. The setlist is notable for a cover of Martha & The Vandellas’ Dancing In The Street (one of numerous Motown covers in their set over the years), The Who’s So Sad About Us (later demo’d for Polydor and eventually recorded in the wake of Keith Moon’s death as a B-side), a version of Dr Feelgood’s Cheque Book (off Down By The Jetty) and a new song, Sounds From The Street, later to appear on In The City. “This local sound buff wanted to experiment on us,” recalls Rick. “We were allowed to rehearse in Michael’s Club on Sunday afternoon and he used to set up mic’s and come and record it. They were early live tapes. We did it three or four times.”



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