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The Jam - The Final Concert

Source - Audience recording Brighton Centre 11-12-82

Format - 12 Double

Label - Hipster Records

Side One

A1 Start

A2 It's Too Bad

A3 Beat Surrender

A4 Away From The Numbers

A5 Ghosts

A6 In The Crowd

A7 Boy About Town

Side Two

B1 Get Yourself Together

B2 All Mod Cons

B3 To Be Someone

B4 Smithers-Jones

B5 Tales From The Riverbank

B6 Precious

B7 Move On Up

Side Three

A1 Circus

A2 Down In The Tube Station At Midnight

A3 David Watts

A4 Mr. Clean

A5 Going Underground

Side Four

B1 In The City

B2 A Town Called Malice

B3 Butterfly Collector

B4 Pretty Green

B5 The Gift



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