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The Jam - The Boston Tea Party

Source - Radio Broadcast, Paradise Ballroom, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, 12th April 1979

Format - 12"

Label - Generic

Released - Unknown

Recording here -

A very rare radio station promotional copy that was made for boston college campus radio that captures the jam at the 'paradise theater, boston on thursday 12th april 1979. Only 30 copies were pressed, it features the bands full set, plus intros and outros that has never been aired before and on other releases only featured 16 tracks!

Side One

A1 All Mod Cons

A2 To Be Someone

A3 Billy Hunt

A4 It's Too Bad

A5 Mr Clean

A6 Strange Town

A7 Butterfly Collector

A8 Away From The Numbers

A9 The Modern World

Side Two

B1 Down In A Tubestation

B2 News Of The World

B3 Here Comes The Weekend

B4 David Watts

B5 In The Street Today

B6 Standards

B7 The Place I Love

B8 A Bomb In Wardour Street



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