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The Jam - Jam Pact Strathclyde 79

Source - Audience recording from Strathclyde University 18/5/79

Format - 12" Double CC

Label - Generic (A Boo Bear Production)

Side Two

A1 The Modern World

A2 In The Street Today

A3 Billy Hunt

A4 It’s Too Bad

A5 Mr Clean

Side Two

B1 The Butterfly Collector

B2 Away From The Numbers

B3 All Mod Cons

B4 To Be Someone

B5 The Place I Love

Side Three

A1 Strange Town

A2 News Of The World

A3 Down In The Tube Station At Midnight

A4 Here Comes The Weekend

Side Four

B1 A Bomb In Wardour Street

B2 Standards

B3 David Watts

B4 Bricks And Mortar

B5 Batman

Strathclyde university Glasgow 18th May 1979

Part of the pact spring tour

Double album in transparent vinyl done in two parts.

Which was Limited to just 5 copies of each part



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