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The Jam - Stockholm

Source - Very Good Audience Recording 16.04.82 Isstadion Stockholm

Format - 10" Double CC

Label - Piggy

Side One

01 The Gift

02 Carnation

03 Happy Together

04 Just Who Is The 5 O'Clock Hero?

05 Ghosts

06 In The Crowd

Side Two

07 Town Called Malice

08 Dreams of Children

09 That's Entertainment

10 Tales From The Riverbank

11 Precious

12 Pretty Green

Side Three

13 Heatwave

14 Running On The Spot

15 Boy About Town

16 Private Hell

17 Trans-Global Express

Side Four

18 Circus

19 Pity Poor Alfie - Fever

20 Funeral Pyre

21 Start !

22 When you're Young

(Right from the off you can hear Weller is pissed off. Some right wankers in the audience tonight, he quips after Carnation... I'll fking do you boy, during Dreams Of Children, What an horrible place this is and so it goes on. Story goes that someone was gobbing at him throughout the gig and the "bodyguards" dragged the kid out and gave him a good hiding)



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