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The Jam - Saturdays Kids

Source - Radio Sessions & Demo

Format - 12" Blue

Label - Burning Records

Released - Unknown

Side One

A1 Time For Truth

A2 In The City

A3 Sounds From The Street

A4 All Around The World

A5 Carnaby Street

A6 Billy Hunt

A7 To Be Someone

A8 Worlds Apart

Side Two

B1 The Night

B2 Best Of Both Worlds

B3 Innocent Man

B4 Hey Mister

B5 When You're Young

B6 Thick As Thieves

B7 Eton Rifles

B8 Saturday's Kids

A1 to A3: Demo Tracks 1977

A4, A5: Peel Session 1977

A6: Alternate Version 1978

A7, A8: Demo Track 1978

B1 to B3: Unreleased Bruce Foxton Songs 1978

B4: Paul Weller Solo Track 1979

B5, B6: Peel Session 1979

B7, B8: Paul Weller Solo Tracks 1979



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