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The Jam - Not Born In The USA

Source - Audience recording from The Rats Keller Boston USA and also The 4 Acres Club New York

Format - 12" Black & Green Marble

Label - Amnesia (Great Unsung Garage Heroes)

Side One

A1 I've Changed My Address (The Rat Boston)

A2 Carnaby Street (The Rat Boston)

A3 The Modern World (The Rat Boston)

A4 Time For Truth (The Rat Boston)

A5 The Combine (The Rat Boston)

A6 All Around The World (The Rat Boston)

Side Two

B1 Sounds From The Street (The Rat Boston)

B2 London Traffic (The Rat Boston)

B3 Bricks And Mortar (The Rat Boston)

B4 In The City (The Rat Boston)

B5 Taking My Love (The Rat Boston)

B6 I Need You (4 Acres New York)

B7 News Of The World (4 Acres New York)

B8 In The Street Today (4 Acres New York)

B9 In The Midnight Hour (4 Acres New York)

B10 Slow Down (4 Acres New York)

Green version limited to 50 copies, this is actually a 180g re-press of a 80s original bootleg, allegedly pressed from the original stampers.



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