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The Jam – Music Machine

Recorded Live At The Music Machine, Camden London. 21st December 1978 Japanese Limited Edition of 50 copies.

Format - Double 12" on Honey Clear Vinyl Source - Audience Recording

Label - Mod 20a

Side One A1 It’s Too Bad

A2 Mr. Clean

A3 Away From The Numbers

A4 Sounds From The Street

Side Two

B1 I Need You

B2 Heatwave

B3 The Modern World

B4 Down The Tube Station At Midnight

Side Three

C1 Tonight At Noon

C2 News Of The World

C2 Here Comes The Weekend

C3 David Watts

C4 London Girls

Side Four

D1 Standards

D2 Bricks and Mortar

D3 Batman Theme

D4 ‘A’ Bomb In Wardour Street

Pressed in 1987 and limited to 50 copies, apparently from Japan. Unknown number of copies re-pressed, which don’t have the groove inscription of the original.



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