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The Jam - Live Wessex Hall Poole 80

Source - Audience recording from Wessex Hall Poole 9/11/80 Format - 12" CC Black

Label - Piggy Released - 2023

Side One

Dream Time Thick As Thieves

Boy About Town


Going Underground

Pretty Green

Side Two

Man In The Corner Shop

Set The House Ablaze

Private Hell

Liza Radley

Dreams Of Children

Side Three

The Modern World

Little Boy Soldiers

But I'm Different Now


Scrape Away

Side Four

Strange Town

When You're Young

To Be Someone

A Bomb

David Watts

2 comentarios

Paul Bailey
Paul Bailey
08 jul 2023

How do I obtain this album please

Me gusta

Highly Strong
Highly Strong
04 may 2023

1980. The year that was The Jam.

Me gusta
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