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The Jam - Live At The Roxy

Source - actual gig is from the 100 Club Sept 77

Format - 12"

Label - Receiver Records Limited

Released - 1991

Side One

A1 I've Changed My Address

A2 Carnaby Street

A3 The Modern World

A4 All Around The World

A5 London Traffic

Side Two

B1 Heat Wave

B2 Bricks And Mortar

B3 In The City

B4 Back In My Arms Again

B5 Slow Down

A proposed official release in Receiver Records’ Live At The Roxy series, was actually a recording of the 11/09/1977 100 Club gig. The release never got past 25 test pressings and a smaller number of wraparound proof sleeves. There followed numerous pressings, with and without inscriptions, along with colour photocopied sleeves. These still sell for up to £900, so beware!



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