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The Jam - Live Ann Arbor 82

Very good audience recording from Michigan Theatre Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA 25/5/82

Source - Very Good Audience recording

Format - CC One Sided 12" test cut on Blue and double on Turquoise Label - Piggy

Released - Test cut 2023 (due to be released on Black & White)

Now Released on Blue & White

Side 1

Running On The Spot

Happy Together

Boy About Town


Just Who Is The 5 O'clock Hero?



Side 2 (Test Side)

In The Crowd

Scrape Away

Town Called Malice

That's Entertainment

Tales From The Riverbank

Side 3


Move On Up

David Watts

Private Hell

Trans-Global Express

Side 4


Pity Poor Alfie / Fever

Funeral Pyre

The Butterfly Collector

The Gift

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Looks great in Blue.

Me gusta
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