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The Jam - Edinburgh 82

Source - Audience recording Edinburgh playhouse 6/4/82

Format - 12" Double CC

Label - Generic (A Boo Bear Production)

Side One

A1 Pretty Green

A 2 Carnation

A 3 Happy Together

A 4 Going Underground

A 5 Ghost

A 6 Town Called Malice

Side Two

B 1 Just Who Is The 5 O’clock Hero

B 2 The Dreams Of Children

B 3 That’s Entertainment

B 4 Tales From The Riverbank

B 5 Precious

Side Three

A 1 Heatwave

A 2 In The Crowd

A 3 Running On The Spot

A 4 Trans-Global Express

A 5 Private Hell

Side Four

B 1 The Gift

B 2 Circus

B 3 Funeral Pyre

B 4 Start !

B 5 The Eton Rifles

The Jam live at the Edinburgh playhouse theatre part of the Trans-Global Express tour ,record on the 6th April 1982

A live double album,There was only 5 cut on transparent vinyl.



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