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The Jam - Changing My Address

Source - John Peel Radio Sessions 77/79 Source - BBC Radio B15 25/10/81 Format - 12" Black, Dark Green & White

Label - Lady Records

Released - 1986

A1-A4: John Peel Sessions broadcasted - 24/4/1977

A5-A8: John Peel Sessions broadcasted - 1977

B1-B4: John Peel Sessions broadcasted - 1979

B5-B8: Studio B15 - BBC Broadcast 25/10/1981

White vinyl 50 copies

Green vinyl 200 copies

Black vinyl 500

A1 Modern World

A2 Art School

A3 Changing My Address

A4 In The City

A5 London Girls

A6 Bricks And Mortal

A7 Carnaby St.

A8 All Around The World

B1 Thick As Theives

B2 Elton Rifles

B3 When You're Young

B4 Saturday's Kids

Studio B15

B5 Absolute Beginners

B6 Tales From The Riverbank

B7 Funeral Pyre

B8 Sweet Soul Music


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