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The Jam - As Heard On TV 12" Double (White test cut)

Source - Various TV recordings - Good Sound

Format - CC 12" Double White test cut - also available on Black

Label - Piggy

Released - 2023 Upgrade from the old Single 10" - This Contains more songs

Side One

All Around The World. Marc Bolan show 24/8/77

Billy Hunt. Old Grey Whistle Test 23/5/78

In The Street Today. Whistle Test 23/5/78

A Bomb In Wardour Street. Whistle Test 23/5/78

Absolute Beginners. Mandagsborsen (Swedish TV) 5/10/81

Tales From The Riverbank. Mandagsborsen 5/10/81

Funeral Pyre. Mandagsborsen 5/10/81

Side Two

Eton Rifles. Something Else 20/9/79

When You’re Young. Something Else 20/9/79

David Watts. Revolver 10/7/78

A Bomb In Wardour Street. Revolver 10/7/78

Town Called Malice. The Tube 5/11/82

Side Three

Boy About Town. Get Set For Summer 18/07/81

Pretty Green. Get Set For Summer 18/07/81

Funeral pyre. Get set for summer 18/07/81

Start. Ballinge (Swedish TV) 28/11/80

Pretty green. Ballinge (Swedish TV) 28/11/80

Scrape away. Ballinge (Swedish TV) 28/11/80

Side Four

Start. Friday live (USA) 11/7/80

Private Hell. Friday Live (USA) 11/7/80

Pretty Green. Tomorrow Show (USA) 27/5/81

Interview. Tomorrow Show (USA) 27/5/81

Funeral pyre. Tomorrow Show (USA) 27/5/81

Interview. Chicago AM (USA) 7/3/80

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1 Comment

Highly Strong
Highly Strong
Aug 01, 2023

Gimme gimme

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