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The Jam - 100 Club Audience Recording, Blue Test Cut 9/11/77

Possibly one of The Jams most bootlegged gigs. There are already several albums of this gig, from various Radio edits and so called Master Tapes. So what makes this different ?

This is an actual audience recording that tells no lies. There is no added Heatwave, it also includes Don't Tell Them You Sane that was not on any of the other or "official" releases. The false start on Soul Soul Music was also absent from all other releases. Sadly it only features one encore BUT its great to hear it how it was on the night. A MUST for any Jam bootleg collector. This is a Blue test cut but we believe there will be a very limited number of Black.

1 comment

1 Comment

Sep 15, 2023

Fantastic. Looks a cracker.

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