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Paul Weller - @ Tipitina's New Orleans 92

Source - Soundboard recording - Tipitina's New Orleans 23/11/92

Format - 12" Double Black

Label - Piggy

Released - 2023

Side 1

01.When You Call Me.mp3

02.Round And Round.mp3

03.Man In The Corner Shop.mp3


Side 2

05.Bull Rush.mp3

06.Above The Clouds.mp3

07.Arrival Time.mp3


09.Price To Pay.mp3

10.Town Called Malice.mp3

11.Cost Of Loving.mp3

Side 3

12.Amongst Butterflies.mp3

13.Headstart For Happiness.mp3

14.Long Hot Summer.mp3


16.Into Tomorrow.mp3

Side 4

17.Tales From The Riverbank.mp3

18.All Year Round.mp3

19. Bitterness Rising.mp3

20. Didn't Mean To Hurt You.mp3

21. Kosmos.mp3

1 comment

1 Comment

Highly Strong
Highly Strong
Jun 08, 2023

Nice one.

Perhaps I should have bought it...

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